About Colbert County Children's Policy Council

As we endeavor to provide for our youth, all too often many resources go unnoticed or unidentified. To cope with this dilemma this Website was developed and went online in 2002. It is our hope this site may bring together, interested people, agencies or organizations who might otherwise be unaware of each other.

Legislation of 1999 revised a 1975 law which was established to provided for local County children's policy councils, to help address these issues. Local juvenile judges have been charged by mandate, to form these councils. To promote active participation of these councils, the law also invests them with financial and operational responsibilities.

In addition to the local council, the law also provides for a State policy council which is comprised of the heads of State agencies which work with children, children's advocates and various political leaders.

The Colbert County Children's Policy Council is chaired by Judge Chad Coker. The Council membership is seated by members of local State agency offices such as Human Resources, Mental Health, Youth Services, and ABC. Membership is also held by representatives of the local school systems, local child advocates, parents, and citizens.

The Colbert County Children's Policy Council is assisted by The Dept. of Children's Affairs, Field Director, Liletta Jenkins.

The Council maintains a "Children's Resource Guide" which identifies various agencies that provide services targeted to meet the needs of our county's children.

The Council also produces an annual "County Needs Assessment" which provided to the State Children's Policy Council for publication. This assessment will provide a means of review for funding by the Children's First Trust Fund and other state sources. The assessment is a public document which will outline the consensus of goals for local policy makers and serve as a validating document when the Council looks for other funding.

To learn more about the Colbert County Children's Policy Council, contact our Interim County Coordinator, Gina D. Mashburn. at