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Open letter (click here) to the Citizens of Colbert County

Dear Resident of Colbert County

In a continuing effort to keep our County clean, the Colbert County Commission provides for the operation of three trucks in the White Goods Roadside Pickup Service. When Spring Cleaning time is upon us, the number of pick-ups, made daily by our trucks, dramatically increases. In order to continue to operate as efficiently as possible we ask for your cooperation in observing the following simple rules regarding the Roadside Pickup Service:

  • Items should be placed at YOUR residential dwelling, adjoining the County right of way in a manner as not to pose a danger to traffic while providing access for the trucks.
  • Household goods such as mattresses, refrigerators, T.V.'s, washers etc. are allowed.
  • Limbs over 8 feet should be cut into smaller pieces to allow for pickup.
  • Leaves And Grass Clippings Must Be Boxed Or Bagged.
  • Yard debris and shrubs are allowed.
  • If you clear off a lot where there is no dwelling, you are responsible for disposal of all debris from that lot.

Items NOT allowed under the Roadside pickup service include:

  • No Tires
  • No Batteries
  • No Construction company or commercially generated debris
  • No Bio-Hazardous materials
  • No grass clippings or leaves not baggedor boxed
  • No large tree stumps or tree balls
  • No Residential houses, trailers, campers or boats
  • No Slabs of concrete
  • No Debris from clearing/cleaning fence rows

In order to avoid erosion and overflow of ditches onto roads, please do not place items in drainage ditches

If you choose not to use take advantage of these services, the only community spot in the County to take your debris is the Colbert County landfill, listed under Shoals Solid Waste Authority (256) 381-9030. If you are caught dumping any debris in the County you face fines and other possilbe charges for creating an illegal dump site.

Should you have any questions or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Colbert County Garbage Collection Agency, (256) 383-9918, our staff at will be happy to assist you.

Roadside pickup service is not allowed on Federal or State Highways, therefore, the County will not pickup on these Right-Of-Ways.

Your Cooperation is Greatly Appreciated,

Colbert County Commissioners

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Mission Statement

Provide quality services as provided by law or mandated by the public, to enhance the health, safety and general well-being of the citizens and promote industrial and economic development of Colbert County.

Guiding Principles:

  • Conduct County operations in a legal, ethical and fair manner.
  • Conduct the public's business in a manner that is responsive, accessible and open to all.
  • Provide professional leadership and operational excellence.
  • Recognize that County employees and volunteer citizens are the foundation upon which these services are provided.
  • Promote Industrial Development

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